What is RastaLabs?

RastaLabs is a penetration environmment, designed to simulate elements of a corporate network.

When will it be ready?

How long is a piece of string? I want RastaLabs to fulfil my expectations and vision before making it available but I have a few time constraints, like being a new Dad. I understand this may be particularly frustrating to the backers, but that’s life. I will be launching a Private Beta for the backers before public release, but I don’t have any ETAs at this time.

How can I register?

Go to the registration page and complete the form.

Is there a waiting list?

The expectation should be yes - although at this point, I am not sure of what the maximum number of concurrent users will be.

What happens to idle users?

Idle users - i.e, users who have not connected to the VPN for over 30 days, should expect to have their credentials revoked. At which point they will have to re-register and join the back of the waiting list.

What about backers?

Those who backed the Crowdfunder have priority access to the labs. They are exempt from the waiting and idle lists.

How can I access RastaLabs?

Once you have registered and there is capacity available for you to enter the lab, you will be provided with VPN connection details. This includes TLS key material, a username and password.

Can I share my connection details?

I technically can’t stop you, but each user is (currently) limited to 1 concurrent connection. The more you share your VPN details, the less likely you will be able to use it yourself.

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