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Nov 7, 2017 | 2 minutes read

RastaLabs Annoucement

I’m excited to announce that I’ve teamed up with Hack The Box to bring RastaLabs to the masses!

I registered rastalabs.net a little over a year ago, on 29/10/2016 (oddly, 2 days after my daugther was born). Meaning, we have just passed RastaLabs (and baby Mouse’s) first birthday!

RastaLabs has sat in a semi-stagnant beta-stage for the last few months. The main reasons it’s not progressed is the daunting effort required to manage the lab, including managing users, VPN keys, a payment model and the VMs themselves.

HTB solves all these challenges.

What won’t change?

I maintain control over design and implementation, so the focus and essence of the lab will remain largely the same.

What will change?

RastaLabs will move home to be hosted on the HTB platform, which has several distinct advantages.

It enables me to leverage their existing registration & VPN service, hypervisor infrastructure, software license agreements, game elements (flags etc), social platforms and access to a large, established user base.

Even though the current lab was never “public” and I hadn’t commited to a pricing model (so this isn’t necessarily a change), there won’t be a free version of the lab. All access will be paid via HTB.

What about the backers?

Those who contributed to the Crowdfunder (regardless of how much) will be given free access to RastaLabs for 6 months. Details of how to claim will be coming soon.

Need more info?

Feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns.