Introduction to RastaLabs

RastaLabs is a virtual environment, designed to simulate elements of a real-life corporate network. It’s primarily a Windows network, with other *nix systems, virtual firewalls, switches and possibly the odd IPS thrown in (under construction).

What’s the goal?

My goal is to provide a safe environment, in which one can practice honing their pentesting skills. It’s a great place to test your tools and knowledge without having to build your own lab, or bork your clients production network. The lab is specifically designed to cater for the current trend of pentesting frameworks, like PowerShell Empire, Cobalt Strike, PowerSploit, BloodHound and so-on.

Simulated users enable you to enumerate sessions and take advantage of them for lateral movement and privilege escalation. There are also more traditional vulnerabilities that can be pwned. Hopefully, this lab will have something for everyone.

How can I play?

The lab is current in development and is not yet open to players.

Access will be provided via a VPN connection upon registration on a first-come, first-served basis. Idle players will have their access revoked in favour of those on the waiting list. This is purely a Capacity Management exercise. See the FAQ for specifics.

Backers of the Crowdfund campaign have first dibs.

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